Scooby Hair Doo offers a full range of grooming services. Below you will find a list of just some of the services we offer.

If you wish to book something not listed here, just get in touch or call us on 028 93 342860 to discuss your needs. Our phones are answered 7 days a week so feel free to call whenever suits you!

Profits from all leads, collars, toys and feed go to Mid-Antrim Animal Sanctuary.

Bathing & Brushing

This is an excellent way to keep a pet's coat fresh in between grooming sessions. It invovles a thorough but gentle bath, then a kindly undertaken brush. Your pet will leave our parlour fluffy and clean, smelling divine and without all the moulting hairs!

Nail Clipping & Filing

This is the dog equivalent of the manicure. The animals nails will be clipped and filed to remove all unwanted rough edges. Pads on the feet will be trimmed (where necessary) to remove excessive hair to reduce the risk of any unwanted debris becoming attached and going unnoticed.

Clipping & Trimming

The dog's coat will be hand-scissored and the face, feet and eyes will be well trimmed. The coat will be styled to breed standards while respecting specific requests of the owner.

Ears Plucked & Cleaned

Ears are swabbed with specialist cleaner to remove excessive wax and then dusted with medicated powder which helps prevent future infections. Additionally, any hair that requires trimming / removing will be dealt with.

Advise on Grooming

We give advise on maintaining dogs inbetween grooms but do advise that dogs should be groomed every 6-8 weeks.

Glands Expressed

Two glands in the back passage can be gently emptied, reducing pressure and giving imminent relief to the pet. If left, this can cause an abscess to develop, giving the dog unnecessary pain and discomfort – and you a hefty vet’s bill!

Pet Taxi

We operate a taxi service for your pet to take them to our grooming parlour or the vets, provided you are within a 10 mile radius of Ballyclare.

Ideal For Elderly Dogs

It's not only the young we pander too – we specialise in elderly dogs too. We have a specialised walk-in bath and hydraulic tables ideal for elderly dogs. We take our time, allowing plenty of time for rest breaks, cuddles, and use equipment to help take the stress off their joints. They will be given time to move around at their own speed, and given plenty of space and friendly encouragement. As with all dogs who visit us, they with have constant access to fresh water.

Dog Sitting

Contact us for more information.

Dog Walking

Busy lives mean that you cannot always provide the exercise and mental stimulation that our dogs need to keep them happy. Being social animals, they can become bored and destructive if left alone for extended periods of time. We can give your dog the daily walks that they need, whether locally or taken to a park. Any waste deposited along the way will be removed. All dogs will be offered a drink of water and paws will be cleaned before returning home.